Meet the Founder

Alexis Bailey- Dental Hygienist & SMile enthusiest

Origin Story:

Quickly into my career as a dental hygienist, something became very clear...
A poor oral care routine is a quick path to traumatic dental experiences, financial stress, and feeling low self worth.
So many humans are struggling with gum disease and dental decay. Usually for the same reasons: "I was doing really good and then I just kept forgetting. It's just so boring." Sound familiar?

If we have no interest in the products we’re buying, how can we maintain oral health?

Oral health is attainable! & it is so worth the effort! Your mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body.

Innovative Smile Care

In my quest to spark motivation, I had to find products my patients would actually want to pick up and use.
Looking outside of the typical dental aisle, I found a world of colorful toothbrushes, invigorating toothpaste flavors, and floss options we could use with ease.
BONUS: these new finds were not only inspiring, but made without harsh chemical and wasteful materials.

"Our smile care products should be just as exciting as our hair care and skin care. It's our smile we're talking about!"